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Find remote work and work from anywhere. We aggregate providers and remote job boards to bring you the largest listing of remote jobs.

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About Remote Seer

What do we do?

Our aim is to cover the largest amount of remote jobs on the web. At the moment we collect data from 10 different remote job websites and remote job boards. By aggregating several websites we have the largest listing of remote jobs and people looking for work only need to visit our website to find job offers.

Quantity of job offers is not everything, so we are also working hard to filter out irrelevant or broken job offers and to build a layer on top of our data sources to help you find the type of jobs you are looking for.


We are brutally honest about not being perfect, we do not have all jobs from every featured website, but we are constantly improving and doing our best.

Here we give you some statistics about the amount of remote jobs we have aggregated so far. We rate our job coverage for last 30 days (e.g. having jobs from the last 10 days equals to 33%).

GitHub26 jobs (100%)
StackOverflow374 jobs (100%)
Remote OK
Remote OK142 jobs (100%)
Dribbble66 jobs (100%)
JustRemote111 jobs (100%)
Remote.co0 jobs (100%)
Remotive.io442 jobs (100%)
We Work Remotely
We Work Remotely189 jobs (14%)
CryptoCurrencyJobs58 jobs (14%)
NODESK1 jobs (7%)

Jobs are updated at least twice per day.


We would love to hear from you about anything you would like to see on our site.

If you have any questions or data you would like to provide us, do not hesitate to contact us at